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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Getting ready to fire up a new tab and hit your favorite “Liveblog” for today’s Apple event? I certainly will be. Before the internet comes alive with real-time reaction to whatever tricks Apple has up their sleeve today, however, we wanted to share a bit of exciting Kendo UI news: official support for the latest version of Apple’s flagship mobile OS, iOS 7 is available to Kendo UI Mobile customers, today!

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Announcing iOS 7 Support in Kendo UI Mobile

As you all are well aware, by now, Apple unveiled their iOS 7 updates earlier this year, and we’ve been following along with each Beta with the intention of getting iOS 7 support into Kendo UI Mobile as soon as things felt “stable.” Today, I’m happy to announce that iOS 7 support is available via an internal build to all Kendo UI Mobile, Complete and Wrappers customers! Regardless of when Apple plans to actually RTM iOS 7 or release anticipated updates to its iDevices, you don’t need to wait another minute to update your Kendo UI Mobile web and hybrid apps to take advantage of the new iOS look, feel and functionality.

This is more than a theme update, though. We’ve paid close attention to the changes in Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and have tweaked the behavior of relevant Kendo UI Mobile widgets to match, while also adding support for:

Finally, because we know that iOS 7 is a drastic change for you and your users, I’m happy to also share that our iOS 7 support has been built as a new mobile theme, as opposed to an update to the existing iOS theme. That means that iOS 6 consumers of your apps will continue to receive an experience tailored to that version of iOS for as long as they choose to remain on iOS 6 or previous.

If you’re an existing Kendo UI Mobile customer, iOS 7 support is available now, and you can grab the latest bits by visiting the Downloads page in your account at If you’re not a Kendo UI customer, what are you waiting for? A purchase today gets UI iOS 7 support, as well as three additional releases of Kendo UI!

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled Liveblogs. Enjoy the event, and have fun building iOS 7 apps with Kendo UI Mobile!

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