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It has been great five months for the Telerik Platform so far. Seeing how much impact we’ve made inspires us to continue delivering more than what’s expected of us. Since our launch in January, we’ve continued to work with a large number of developers to find new ways to make our mobile application development offering more valuable for them.  Due to popular demand, we are introducing the new Telerik Platform Developer Edition to our mobile platform offering today.

Telerik Platform Developer Edition

The new Developer Edition is ideal for individual developers and small teams who are looking to increase their productivity of building mobile apps without any significant investments. The new edition includes everything you need to get started with mobile app development.

Telerik Platform Developer Edition

Below are the key features offered as part of the Telerik Platform Developer Edition:

iOS, Android and Windows Phone support: Build for all devices that matter the most in today's mobile world. Telerik Platform enables you to build iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps efficiently and fast. Weather your approach is native, hybrid or web, your cross-platform app deployment efforts will be significantly reduced.

Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Command Line and Cloud Interface: We know how important your favorite IDE is for you. We are making all of our IDE choices available for you with our Developer Edition. It is now more affordable than ever to build apps using Visual Studio.

Drag and drop prototyping: At the beginning of your project you don’t have facts, you have ideas and assumptions.  Your goal, in the beginning, is to test your assumptions and discover how to build the best experience for the end user. You’ll do this by prototyping your app using AppPrototyper that is included as part of Telerik Platform Developer Edition.

Automated cross-platform device testing: Delivering outstanding experiences is not possible when there are bugs involved. Mobile Testing is included as part of the Telerik Platform Developer Edition to enable developers to test their Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 apps against any device or browser.

Deploy to personal devices: Before you launch your app to the public, you need test it on your personal devices. As part of the Telerik Platform Developer Edition, AppManager will allow you to deploy your app to selected devices without having to publish them on the public app stores.

Advanced analytics: To make your mobile app a success, you need to constantly improve it. To do that, you need to know what part of your app to improve. Gain insights into what to improve by measuring the important metrics with Analytics that is part of the Telerik Platform Developer Edition.

Telerik Platform Developer Edition is $39/month per developer with upfront annual payment or $49/month per developer with monthly payments.

Learn more about the new Developer Edition.

Please visit the Telerik Platform pricing page to view the different editions.

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