Do you find it hard to track how development work in your Git or GitHub project is progressing? Is the development team tired of having to leave their IDEs to update their status of work?

Planning and tracking your Git projects should be simpler than that. That is why we introduced TeamPulse R3 and integration with Git and GitHub repositories.

Leveraging the integration with TeamPulse, you are now able to:

  • Track code changes associated with TeamPulse work items
  • Update TeamPulse work item status and log time through the Git commit comments

And here is an awesome visual representation of the entire process:

Git Integration Infograpchic

Try it yourself?
Sign up for a 30 day free trial and check out all the other new features we have introduced with TeamPulse R3:

  • End-user Personas
  • Acceptance Criteria Pass/Fail Indicators
  • Team Reports
  • Task Templates


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