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Learn what Microsoft influencers had to say about some of the more popular innovations in our space - Chatbots and AR/VR.

In early March, more than 2,000 Microsoft MVPs, ASP.NET Insiders, and Microsoft Regional Directors descended upon Redmond, Washington for the annual Microsoft MVP Summit. For the better part of a week, these industry influencers spent their days learning from Microsoft about what’s on the horizon and their evenings catching up with old friends, making new ones, and of course, talking about technology.

With all that brain power and industry knowledge in one place, we wanted to see if we could document their collective thoughts about some of the more popular innovations in our space – Chatbots and AR/VR. So at the Progress Influencers Party, we treated the MVPs to bowling, food, drink, games and swag – and we asked them a few short questions. Here’s what they had to say…


As you can see, we learned that Chatbots are something developers in our space are either actively working on or have plans to implement. Not surprising given the audience, the vast majority are using the MicrosoftBot framework.

What is both interesting and exciting to see is AR/VR is beginning to increase in popularity outside of the gaming industry. With half the audience claiming they have plans to implement it in future projects and more industry/line of business uses making their way higher up the list of opportunities that interest these industry influencers, it will be fun to see where this trend takes us in the coming months.

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