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    As a seven-year hard fighting Software Quality Assurance, I was surprised but glad to find out that the upcoming Testing Conference – SEETEST 2008 will be held just a couple of miles away from the Telerik Head Office in Sofia, Bulgaria on July 2nd and 3rd. It will be the first conference ever in South East Europe aiming to cover various topics in the area of Software Testing and Software Quality Management. What impresses me is the top experts in the area coming from all over the world – USA, South and West Europe, Israel and India. Okay, the ad should stop here. ;-)
    I have to admit I was a bit suspicious about the organization of such a big conference in the area of Software Testing right here in Sofia, but so far everything looks good! My preferences for the sessions are not important - there are a dozen of speakers having over 10-15 years of experience in organizing QA processes and teams. I was just wondering if someone there could best answer my question about how the RadGrid automated tests should be organized so that we can mostly cover most of the thousand scenarios in its functionality and at the same time we do not have to maintain the test suites all day long. Seriously, what I wonder is whether a specific problem resolutions in software testing can be discussed at a testing conference, without making the session quite boring for the most of the audience. Of course, the general topics are mandatory for each conference; no matter if it is just the_big_one_this_season or it is organized over a new technology or a specific area like the Software Testing. Is it possible at all? Otherwise listening to the masters sharing their experience can always bring some good new ideas.
    Oh, I know a nice restaurant at the top floor (18th as far as I remember) of the hotel holding the conference, which offers good food and great sight over the city. So as you might have already guessed, we have gathered a strong QA Telerik team to attack the event. ;-) I hope to see some fellows there..

[A suspicious QA]


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