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… And surely not the last ones! This massive event on content management and Web 2.0 technologies gave us the chance to see the way a conference goes in Europe. We were definitely not disappointed – the event was huge, all of the usual suspects were there of course :) It turned to be a very interesting experience – our staff at the booth quickly learned that the approach here should be different – the audience primarily consisted of business users who were not exactly into coding; the attendees seemed to be more reserved and shy when approaching the exhibitors; not to mention that all kind of techniques such as games, free merchandise and cat women walking around the exhibition floor, which the competition undertook to hook up the attendees, didn’t work in their favor at all – it was all business classy.

The cause of our biggest excitement was, however, the fact that our senior developer Ivan Osmak made a presentation at the Content Management Seminar that took place during the conference. The focus of the session was on “CMS as a Platform - Beyond Content Management” or the way flexible and well designed CMS platforms add business value. There was a huge interest towards the topic and our speaker!

You can see some photos from the event here:






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