Google calendar allows importing tasks from a .csv file, so this can be combined with the TeamPulse feature to export work items (including tasks) into the same format.

Thanks to this straight-forward export/import process, a portion or all of your project related tasks can be synchronized with any device using Google calendar and you can always keep an eye on your assignments.

In order to import your tasks from TeamPulse into Google calendar you need at least:

TeamPulse R2 2013 version

This TeamPulse version supports both export/import of work items to a .csv file and the creation of custom fields for any work item.

Then it is a matter of following 3 easy steps.


In order to create or import a calendar appointment you’d need as a bare minimum the following tasks properties in TeamPulse. These two are also mandatory for Google calendar to allow import:

  1. Subject
  2. Start Date

The following are not obligatory but nice to have:

  1. Description
  2. Start Time
  3. End Date
  4. End Time

From the ones above, “Description” already exists, but for the rest you’ll need to create custom fields in TeamPulse as follows:

Step1: Create a “Subject” field

Start TeamPulse and go to Settings >> Work Items >> Manage Custom Fields >> add “New Field”

New field

configure the custom field

Then configure the custom field attributes as per the example below:

Step2: Create a “Start Date” field

Create a Start Date field

Step3: Create a “Start Time” field

Start Time

This is how the modified tasks would look like in TeamPulse. Note that in the “Start Time” field you should use the AM/PM format, because it is the only one supported by Google Calendar.

modified tasks

Step4 [Not Mandatory]: Create “End Date” and “End Time” using the existing examples

Step5: Export the tasks from TeamPulse

The fastest way to do it is to create “New View” in TeamPulse, filter to display type = task and you’ll get a list of all your tasks. Filter any further if you want to narrow the data. Then click on “Export” and choose either of the options.Export the tasks from TeamPulse


Step1: Format the .csv file if necessary

The minimum amount of header information required to import events into Google Calendar is: Subject, Start Date. Also the Date column should be mm/dd/yyyy, so make sure your .csv file is formatted accordingly.


Step2: Start Google Calendar and click on “Other Calendars” >> “Import Calendar”

Start Google Calendar

Step3: Browse for the .csv file and import it

import the .csv file

This is how an imported TeamPulse task looks like in Google Calendar:

see how it looks like in Google Calendar

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