In less than a year, Icenium has broken new ground as the up and coming enterprise mobility platform making the building of enterprise apps easier than ever before. As a testament to our success, the Best in Biz award has recently recognized Icenium in the category of “Best New Enterprise Products”. This isn’t surprising since a growing share of developers now rely on Icenium to build apps to mobilize internal processes. To show you what we mean by the ‘growing share’, the total number of apps started on Icenium has recently passed the 50,000. Yes, this is exciting!

Our win inspired us to define the key pillars which make Icenium the tool of choice for embarking on the most exciting of development projects these days – mobile. They came out so well, we decided to share them with you.

Hybrid apps for your enterprise? We have you covered.

Gartner’s enterprise mobility recommendations of the year include the hybrid approach for business to employee apps. Icenium allows you to use the Apache Cordova APIs to their full extent to create the most native-like UI that you can while using a hybrid approach. In fact, Icenium’s support for the custom Cordova plug-ins is second to none in the industry.

Beyond UI. Services for your hybrid apps.

For enterprises, coupling UI with comprehensive back-end services is usually a key requirement. Icenium responds to this need with out-of-the-box integration with multiple cloud back-end services provided by Telerik. Enterprise developers can easily manage users, push notifications, data connections and more without the need to maintain and manage the middleware server and the related infrastructure.  

Your Skill + Icenium = Immediate Productivity

The Telerik Icenium  vision is one that hybrid apps should be developed using a lightweight, cloud-based toolset that’s always on and always available. There is no need to install new environments if you don’t want to. If you like your existing tool you can keep it. (If you love Visual Studio to build apps, who are we to tell you otherwise?) And with the only skills required to build an app being JavaScript, HTML and CSS, enterprise developers are able to quickly respond to their stakeholders needs with minimal upfront investment.

It goes without saying, Icenium has an array of other features like streamlined cloud testing, real-time debugging, integrated runtime and user analytics and a plethora productivity features that provide the most complete experience for enterprise developers to build and deploy fully fleshed apps in a matter of hours.

So we are excited about this award and say keep them coming!


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