You didn’t think we would just leave you hanging did you?  Your Ultimate Collection license code automatically turns into a DevCraft Complete license once activated. All you need to do is follow the instructions on your license card and go to to activate your license. What happens if you won the license a year or two ago and have one of our Ultimate Collection CDs? Well, first off what are you waiting for?!  Secondly, we want you to get access to the Telerik goodness as fast as possible so your code will also turn into a DevCraft Complete License. However, instead of going to the original activation site on the CD you will need to go to to activate your license.

Here is everything included in your DevCraft Complete license:

  • RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Silverlight, WPF, WinForms, and Windows Phone
  • Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC
  • Telerik Reporting
  • OpenAccess ORM
  • JustCode, JustTrace, JustDecompile, and JustMock

 Last but not least Telerik’s Priority Support is included in the DevCraft Complete license as well.


Are you a User Group leader or sponsor liaison? Did you already submit the Renewal Doc to make sure your group gets Telerik licenses and possibly some SWAG for September 2012-August 2013? If you didn’t yet be sure to do so soon so your group doesn’t miss out! I mean come on who doesn’t love complimentary licenses and SWAG? Renewal Doc:

I think that is enough questions from me in one blog post! If YOU have any questions please send me an email,!


Happy Meeting!

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Holly Bertoncini

 is Community Program Manager.


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