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Everyone is different when it comes to where they go to get answers to their development questions.  Many people use popular search engines like Google, while others prefer visit forums like Stack Overflow first.  Where do YOU go when you need help?  Telerik offers a plethora of options when it comes to finding an answer of how to accomplish a task.  These resources allow you to not only answer questions, but also learn more about a product and become more proficient.  I thought it might make a useful post to mention the options in case you missed one. 



     The Telerik forums are alive with activity from developers asking questions.  Forums provide not only the ability to get a question answered, but allow you to demonstrate your expertise and help someone while you are at it.  You can also receive Telerik points when you answer forum posts, which can be used to receive discounts on Telerik products.  Telerik goes one step farther by recognizing those who are particularly active with the Telerik MVP award.  So if you have a question or are interested in helping others, pay a visit to the Telerik forums.



Quick Start Framework

    One of the most valuable resources Telerik offers, in my opinion, are the Quick Start Framework (QSF) applications.  Each product Telerik offers has a corresponding QSF that provides not only an overview of the functionality that the products offer, but how to accomplish the task as well.  The screenshot below shows an example of the RadControls for WinForms QSF.  It provides an example of how to Export the RadGridView to Excel and you can view the C# or VB code to reproduce the same result.  This is invaluable when you need a quick working example.



Telerik TV

     Telerik also offers Telerik TV which includes content from webinars, tips on specific tasks and even community activities.  Telerik TV has videos for all the product lines and more videos are added all the time.  If you have not paid Telerik TV a visit, you are missing out. 




     Recently Telerik started delivering a live webinar each and every Thursday covering a specific control or product line.  This is a great way to stay connected and informed.  During the most recent Q1 2009 release, Telerik held a webinar every day covering what was new which was invaluable for many who needed to know what changes to expect.  All of the content delivered in the webinars end up on Telerik TV, so if you cannot make the scheduled time they are always available.  Keep an eye on the Telerik homepage to see what the next webinar is about.


Code Library

     Think you have used Telerik controls in a unique and exciting way?  The Code Library allows you to share your code with everyone to share.  They get a chance to see what you have created and you get up to 10,000 Telerik points to recognize your accomplishment.


These are just a few of the options available.  You still have the Telerik Blogs, Knowledge Base, Product Documentation, Demo Applications and e-mail support all just waiting to be used.  Take the time to incorporate a few of these options into your daily routine to stay informed.


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