One of the benefits of Telerik’s support of Fiddler is the opportunity to work with talented design professionals. We’ll be improving Fiddler’s User Interface from end-to-end to expose more of the tool’s power in a clear and elegant manner.

Our first step is giving Fiddler a distinctive and professional logo, and here’s where you come in. The Telerik designers prepared over a dozen concepts for a new Fiddler logo, and I’ve selected the top four for you, the Fiddler community, to vote on. The best logo will be used throughout Fiddler and in the much-improved Fiddler website that the design team is now building.

Without further ado, here are the four candidates:


Candidate #1

Candidate #2

Candidate #3

Candidate #4

You can cast your vote using the sidebar on the Fiddler homepage, or directly on the voting page.


Thanks for your support!

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