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We’ve all seen countless articles written about the explosive growth of mobile device usage. However, many enterprises are still struggling to leverage mobile devices in their own organization. Clearly there is a benefit to engaging customers and employees across multiple devices, but developing mobile apps in a scalable way, while addressing the requirements of enterprises can be incredibly challenging.

Gartner is an information technology research and advisory firm that supports over 80% of fortune 500 companies. Several years ago, Gartner recognized the opportunities of mobile technologies, as well as the challenges associated with mobile development. They established the Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) Magic Quadrant to identify solutions designed to help enterprises confront these challenges.

And we’re delighted to announce that Telerik has now been named a ‘Visionary’ in Gartner’s 2014 Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) Magic Quadrant. By being selected, amongst hundreds of competitors, it underscores that our developer-centric vision is aligned with the goals and requirements of Gartner’s enterprise clients.

Loved by developers and great for the enterprise.

Developers have always been Telerik’s primary audience and our highest priority is to create a best in class cross-platform coding experience.

Showing a mobile app being coded, scanned and quickly deployed to a mobile device.
However, we also understand there are many factors, outside the code, that can impact the success or failure of a project. For example, many enterprises need a way to securely connect their mobile app to data. Then, once the mobile app is created, it will need to be tested on a myriad of devices. After being tested, it needs to be deployed, either through public or private app stores. And once it’s used by customers or employees, it needs to be supported, managed and measured.

These are just some of the complexities we’ve encountered while helping our enterprise customers create successful mobile apps. So although the coding experience remains our top priority, we’ve also steadily expanded our platform’s capabilities to help organizations confront challenges across the project’s entire life cycle (design, build, connect, test, manage, measure). Each of these “modules” inside the platform can be used or replaced with other 3rd-party providers; enabling the Telerik Platform to sit alongside your existing tools and services.

Diagram showing the full scope of the Telerik Platform

We want development teams to love coding with the Telerik Platform. But we also want teams tobe equipped to support and evolve their mobile app long after it’s been published. Our ‘Visionary’ status in Gartner’s latest MADP MQ is more evidence that we’re on the right track and that you can confidently utilize our platform within your own organization or the organizations you advise.

Read the Gartner report and try the Telerik Platform for yourself.

We invite you to read what Gartner is saying about mobile application development, as well as their review of Telerik’s mobile capabilities. We’re making the full report available to everyone and you can download it by clicking the link below.

Download the Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) Report
Download the Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) Report

We also invite you to try the Telerik Platform for yourself. We’ve created the fastest ‘Hello World’ experience available and you’ll be up and running in 5-minutes. But as evidenced by our ‘Visionary’ status, you’ll also find a lot of depth that will be revealed as your project matures.

Try the Telerik Platform for yourself

Happy coding! 


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