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The previous post on using the keyboard shortcuts in Telerik JustCode focused on the new keyboard mappings window. This article will focus on an essential element to all aspiring keyboard ninjas: accessing the Visual Aid without the mouse.

You may have already memorized the Show Visual Aid Menu shortcut, or you may have found it from the keyboard mappings window. If not, I will refresh your memory now: Ctrl+`. The backwards apostrophe character is on the same key as ~ on most keyboards. At any point the Visual Aid tag is showing, you can press that shortcut to show the Visual Aid menu.


If you’re accustomed to Visual Studio’s shortcut for the smart tag (Ctrl+.), you may wish to map it to show the Visual Aid instead. To do this, open Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard. Then type JustCode.VisualAid in the text box for "show commands containing.” In the text box for “press shortcut keys,” press “Ctrl+.” and then click the Assign button. Press okay to exit.


You should now be able to use the Visual Aid as you would have the Visual Studio smart tag. There’s only one thing left to do. Since the Visual Aid encompasses the functionality of the smart tag and much more, the smart tag is only getting in the way. Let’s turn it off.

Open the JustCode options menu. Select Visual Features and check “Hide VisualStudio smart tags.”


The Visual Aid is at your finger tips, and your hands will never have to leave the keyboard. You will code faster than ever with instant access to Quick Fixes, Refactorings, and Navigations. How does it feel to be a .NET Ninja?!

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