Web technology moves extremely quick, so quick in fact it's hard to keep pace. It seems that just a short time ago responsive web design was only a trend, but today it's a necessity. We know many of you are new to building responsive web applications, and we want to take you from beginner to advanced as quickly as possible. This is why we created the whitepaper “The Anatomy of Successful Responsive ASP.NET Apps.”

In the whitepaper you'll learn how to:

  • Leverage the basic building blocks of responsive web design—grid systems, media queries and flexible content—to create responsive layouts
  • Choose a responsive web design framework (Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Telerik Page Layout)
  • Use advanced Bootstrap features, such as fluid containers, offsets, push/pull and more, to achieve even the most complex responsive web scenarios

    Also, our dedication to teaching you about responsive web design doesn't end with the WhitePaper – we will also point you to resources like:

    • Further reading about Responsive Web Design
    • Responsive design with server side (RESS)
    • Responsive design with ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC

So what are you waiting for? Download the whitepaper and learn responsive with for The Anatomy of Successful Responsive ASP.NET Apps today!

Free Whitepaper: Anatomy of ASP NET Apps

Ed Charbeneau is a Developer Advocate for Telerik
About the Author

Ed Charbeneau

Ed Charbeneau is a web enthusiast, speaker, writer, design admirer, and Developer Advocate for Telerik. He has designed and developed web based applications for business, manufacturing, systems integration as well as customer facing websites. Ed enjoys geeking out to cool new tech, brainstorming about future technology, and admiring great design. Ed's latest projects can be found on GitHub.


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