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agile predictions and trends in 2013

Prepare yourself for the direction Agile software development will be going in 2013 with our concise and informative whitepaper. Crafted by our VP Joel Semeniuk and based on his 16+ years of experience in the field, this paper lays out 7 of the most major trends that will dominate this year.

Here is one of them:

Agile Must/Will Evolve.

Has Agile lived up to its Hype? Well, from my experience, backed by Gartner’s Hype Cycle results on Agile, it doesn’t seem that Agile is “complete” yet. There is no doubt that Agile (in all of its forms... from engineering practices to team communication practices) has drastically influenced how almost all software is being created today. For example, Agile has worked its way in to the Project Management Institute and is by far the fastest growing form of software development methodology used today. However, Agile still has its problems. First, you can’t simply flick a switch and be Agile. Organizations have begun to understand that adoption of Agile is very much about organizational change – it needs to be well positioned, teams need to be appropriate trained, and it should be rolled out incrementally. In addition, Enterprise Agile and Agile at Scale has yet to become mainstream, as we see the majority of Agile adoption happening at the team level, versus the organizational level. Agile will require some additional “tweaks” regarding end to end maturity, adoption and scale to bring it out of the Trough of Disillusion.

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