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This is Memorial Day weekend in the United States and today represents my last day as a Developer Evangelist for Telerik.  When I joined Telerik, I knew the company mostly from their outstanding reputation as a community supporting organization.  Since joining the company I have seen another side of Telerik that I think people may overlook.  The company slogan is “deliver more than expected” and sure, plenty of companies talk the talk, but very rarely do you see a company put it in action.  I am talking about people who have a real passion to deliver a product that exceeds expectations.  If a customer sends in a compliment or a complaint, everyone in the company can see it and I mean everyone.  What really drove it home for me was when someone sincerely used the phrase “promise to the customer” when discussing a release date or new functionality.  The folks at Telerik really are committed to delivering the best possible product out there and bend over backwards when it comes to support. 


You may be wondering what would make me want to leave Telerik when I have such great things to say.  Well, we all have life goals and one of mine is to grow a business of my own.  While I am leaving Telerik, I will continue to be actively involved in the community through the devLink Technical Conference, Nashville .NET User Group and speaking engagements.  You can always find me at my blog or you can follow me around on Twitter (johnkellar).


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