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Our 2012 Q3 release is in the books, and now that we have a moment to reflect on what we have accomplished with JustTrace, we are very proud of how much JustTrace has grown in just four short months. The highlights for this release include the completely new user interface and the massive improvement to the user experience when doing performance profiling. Overall user interface speed and responsiveness have been dramatically improved, making JustTrace much nicer to use.

JustTrace image

The new UI is very streamlined; even first-comers will have no trouble navigating from the starting hub through the New Profiling Session page and dive straight into exploring and solving performance or memory issues. Context help is available at every step by pressing F1 or clicking the help button in the upper right corner.

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Just pick the kind of application to profile, enter the path to the app and hit Run. In this release, we have added support for profiling Windows Store .NET apps as well as web sites hosted in IIS 8 or IIS Express. The screenshot below is of JustTrace profiling itself using the memory profiler.

JustTrace image

We have massively improved the performance profiler. Instead of fiddling with snapshots, JustTrace now features a timeline of the application’s execution. Select any time interval that seems interesting (e.g. has high CPU usage) and JustTrace will show you what was going on in your app during that interval – call stacks complete with timings and hit counts, a list of methods and finally a list of hot spots found. The timeline can also be used to compare two intervals on the timeline (similar to the old Compare To… option) or compare two intervals from different processes. We did not leave out a single feature from the previous version in the new UI! A ribbon bar concisely lays out all filtering, navigation and search functions. As an added bonus, the performance profiler is as much as six times faster than before (i.e. results in six times less slow-down for the profiler app), while providing more relevant call stacks and timings at the same time.

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We have also made improvements to the memory profiler, decreasing Memory usage during snapshot analysis dramatically. JustTrace can much more comfortable profile apps consuming large amounts of memory with JustTrace without fear of running out of memory. Another improvement worth mentioning, one that many users requested in their feedback is that the GC root paths diagram now shows the names of the fields that hold references to objects in the graph.

JustTrace image

Yes, very proud, indeed.

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