Environment Filter

We have added another data filter to our long list of filters available in the Advanced Query dialog, namely the Environment filter which is highlighted in the screenshot below:

When selecting the filter you are able to pinpoint specific environmental properties to filter on and provide values for multiple environmental categories. Want to get the data for users on Windows XP only using the .NET 3.5 Framework? That will be entirely possible with this new filter as shown in the screenshot below:

Tagging items in filters

In order to better adapt to your specific business and your way for using our service we have improved how you work with our standard filters. Specifically we have allowed you to tag specific release and countries that you use the most by simply clicking a small icon which marks the item as one of special interest.

These tagged items become available in a much shorter list which allows for quicker access to the countries and releases you use the most. Furthermore, you are able to add a short description to the country or the release to capture information such as which is the official release or provide a more human readable name for the released version.

The added description is also available when you go through the full list so users that are less skilled or perhaps unaware of release versions or specific information regarding countries are immediately informed.

Showing and collapsing feature lists

When you are working with a large list of features you have always been able to expand the initial, shortened list to the full list by clicking the 'Show All' link which would unfold the summarized 'Others' item into the individual items. This has allowed you to pick out the items that you want to investigate and now we have introduced the 'Collapse' option which allows you to fold back all the unchecked features into the Others item again. You can see this illustrated in the screenshot below:

By collapsing back the unchecked items into a summarized 'Others' item you are able to go back to a more customized display of the full list of features. We've also expanded on the list of available colors for items in order to try to avoid getting similar gray items for the lowest ranking features in the list.

Improvements and fixes

As always we have addressed a number of issues and errors that have been reported to us by you, our users, We highly appreciate all the feedback we receive and hope you'll keep sending us comments and suggestions to help move our service forward in the right direction.

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Søren Enemærke has worked as lead developer of the EQATEC Application Analytics service ever since its inception in 2008, and continues to be deeply involved as a software developer at Telerik Denmark. Søren has a M.Sc. in CS and more than a decade of software development experience, primarily focused on C#, web and database technologies. Søren enjoys reducing technical debt, introducing automation wherever possible and the simple act of sitting down and churning out workable code.


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