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Some developers have been surprised to discover JustCode and JustTrace installed on their system after installing JustDecompile. Whereas most simply try out the tools or uninstall them, some have expressed concern that we’re bundling software in the installer. Suffice to say, we’re not. But, if we’re not bundling other products in the installer, what’s really going on?

Web Installer Launcher

When you download JustDecompile (which is free) or one of our trial products, you actually receive a lightweight web installer launcher. This program simply allows you accept the license agreements and select products. It then downloads the individual installers and runs them. Of course, the trial you selected is checked by default, but there’s another panel for recommended products. The full list is opt-in, but recommended products are opt-out.


We tried to make it conspicuous, but many of us have a tendency to accept all default options and click through an installer. If this happens to you, and you do not want those particular trials, simply uninstall them.

Other Distributions

If you want the individual JustDecompile installers to either avoid this screen or archive for later use, those are available too. When you clicked the link to download the trial, it takes you to a download page that starts the download to the web installer launcher. However, there are also two other links on that page to the MSI Installer and the zip package.


These links may be updated with future releases, so if you’re interested click be sure to get to this particular page via the JustDecompile landing page.

Why are JustCode and JustTrace Recommended

The Just line of products exists to help you write better code; whether decompiling assemblies for interoperability issues, tracing memory or performance issues, testing without dependencies, or receiving real-time analysis of your code. Of course, there’s more to this story.

If you want to decompile from within Visual Studio, JustCode is our Visual Studio add-in that provides this functionality. This is activated simply by browsing to a referenced assembly, which may happen if you open the definition for a type defined in the assembly.

JustTrace currently allows you to open source for projects in a performance profile if the .pdb files are available. It is on our roadmap to remove this restriction by utilizing the JustDecompile engine to retrieve the source for any .NET assembly involved in the profile.

These apps are connected by a common-thread, and there is much power in utilizing all three tools.

What Next?

If you accidentally installed some of these products, I encourage you to give them a try. However, you’re free to uninstall them. Doing so will not affect your free copy of JustDecompile, and the products are removed gracefully.

About the Author

Chris Eargle

is a Microsoft C# MVP with over a decade of experience designing and developing enterprise applications, and he runs the local .NET User Group: the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild. He is a frequent guest of conferences and community events promoting best practices and new technologies. Chris is a native Carolinian; his family settled the Dutch Form region of South Carolina in 1752. He currently resides in Columbia with his wife, Binyue, his dog, Laika, and his three cats: Meeko, Tigger, and Sookie. Amazingly, they all get along... except for Meeko, who is by no means meek.


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