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It is very easy to write about Telerik products as a Telerik employee as we built them and are passionate about what we do every day. For those of you who work in the software industry, sometimes it is just great to hear from other customers about how our products have made their life's easier. In this post, we will hear from 5 different customers talking about a range of products that they use at their company.


In this video, we hear from Chris Gardner about his experiences with JustMock and our Support team.


Josh Morales, talks about using a vast variety of products from Kendo UI, Windows Phone and Windows 8, ASP.NET and JustCode. He also discusses how easy it is to get up and started using Telerik products from scratch. His company (Falafel Software) has recently published a book called, "Nuts and Bolts". Check it out!


In the third video, we hear from a customer about how they are using our ASP.NET AJAX controls. He speaks specifically about the RadGrid control and getting started experience. He loved our documentation and they haven't had to contact our support team, even once!


In this video, I interview a customer who has been using our controls for 6 years. He downloaded a trial and told his manager that we should buy our tools. We also hear about his support experiences. He also talks about how easy it is to customize our controls.


Renee talks about using the ASP.NET AJAX RadDock control and customizing it to his liking. RadTreeView also stands out in his opinion, as it has features lacking in the Microsoft Toolbox. He is very happy with the documentation and has a 1 day turnaround on support ticket. There you have it, 5 interviews from customers across the globe that use Telerik products in a variety of ways. From web, desktop to mobile everyone needs a solid vendor in their corner. So why not give Telerik a try with your next application?

About the Author

Michael Crump

is a Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight and MSDN author as well as an international speaker. He works at Telerik with a focus on everything mobile.  You can follow him on Twitter at @mbcrump or keep up with his various blogs by visiting his Telerik Blog or his Personal Blog.


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