Telerik UI, developer and productivity tools work with ASP.NET5 (MVC 6 and Web Forms 4.6), Visual Studio 2015, Roslyn, C# 6, Office 365 and Spartan without extra modifications.

At Telerik, we are proud of the fact that we embrace effective technology the moment it appears. All recent announcements from Microsoft are impressive and aim to open the door of the .NET community to a whole new world of development possibilities. This is why we took the time to test our tools with the latest bits from Microsoft. Here are the details.

DevCraft Compatible with the New Visual Studio 2015 RC

All .NET tools included in Telerik® DevCraft™ are compatible with the new Visual Studio 2015 RC, its toolbox and designer. This includes all .NET UI components, Reporting and Report Server, as well as our productivity tools Telerik® JustCode, Telerik® JustMock and Telerik® JustTrace.  

Telerik Support for ASP.NET 5 including MVC 6 and Web Forms 4.6

All web products from Telerik work and support ASP.NET 5:
  • Telerik® UI for ASP.NET MVC has been updated and now supports MVC6 and .NET5
  • Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX works under Web Forms 4.6 with no modifications due to its flexible architecture. Applications built with UI for ASP.NET AJAX also support the following new features out of the box:
  • The new HTTP processing pipeline HTTP 2
  • The new Async model binding for strongly typed data handling
  • The Roslyn CodeDOM compilers for faster compilation of code-behind files
  • Reports created with Telerik® Reporting in ASP.NET5 and MVC6 projects are fully operational and can be viewed and interacted with the HTML5 Report Viewer.
  • Telerik® Kendo UI®, being an HTML5 and JavaScript suite of widgets can also be used under ASP.NET 5

If you are curious to learn more about ASP.NET 5 check out our 20 Burning Questions for ASP.NET Developers whitepaper.

Spartan Browser Fully Supported by Telerik Productivity Tools

In its current technical preview, Spartan, the default browser of Windows 10, is fully supported by Kendo UI, UI for ASP.NET MVC, UI for ASP.NET AJAX and Telerik Reporting. Everything works flawlessly without errors, and the appearance of our tools
is slick and pixel-perfect.

JustCode for Roslyn and C#6

JustCode now runs on Roslyn and supports C#6. In addition, all Telerik .NET tools fully support C#6.

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