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Here at Telerik, our goal is to help you develop experiences. We’ve got a long history of providing tools to help developers deliver great value for their customers. But maybe sometimes you need a little help figuring out just how to make your customers happy. That’s where the user experience (UX) designers at Telerik Services come in.

Generally, UX designers study people’s interactions with a system and how those interactions then affect those people. In your case, you’re probably planning to create a web, mobile or desktop application or perhaps some blend of those. Our UX designers can help you create a plan to make your application enjoyable and desirable for your customers.

Traditionally, User Experience Design encompasses many disciplines, as shown here by Dan Willis:

UX Umbrella

At Telerik Services, our agile project approach is based on continuous improvement. We integrate UX design in all steps of the process.

Agile Software Development Lifecycle

Some of tasks we can perform to help you understand your users are included below, by stage in the agile process. Keep in mind that constant communication between UX designers, project stakeholders, users, and developers is the key to success. Although UX design deliverables are useful, sometimes discussing sketches on a whiteboard can get your project further ahead much quicker.


During this phase of a project, UX designers are involved to help create the project strategy and structure. Our UX designers will help you with:


During each of the project’s iterations, requirements are defined in this step. Our UX designers can help you with:


In this stage, UX designers interact with users, developers and project stakeholders to grow specifications using these methods:


The traditional project development tasks happen during this phase. UX designers can augment the development process using:
  • User experience design


Now, it’s time to close out the project iteration. You might have many more to go or maybe you plan to release this version to the public. UX designers can help prepare you by performing:

  • Usability
    • Usability testing for validation
If you could use some help in these areas, or would like to get more information about how Telerik Services can help you, contact us!

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Andrew Pucci

advocates for users as a UX Designer. He is invested in spreading awareness about user experience design and has recently been named president of the Cleveland chapter of User Experience Professionals Association. Get in touch with him on Twitter.

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