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NOTE: Currently the detection of Visual Studio Express is only available through the MSI installation of the Windows Phone tools. Though it is not indicated in the UI, the installation using the Control Panel will also install the templates into Visual Studio Express. This blog post will focus on the MSI installation so you can see how it detects Visual Studio Express.


I know what you are thinking, did I read “Visual Studio Express”? You bet you did. Telerik’s Windows Phone design templates are now available for use with Visual Studio Express! This offering brings over 50 pre-designed Windows Phone design templates that use Telerik Controls to Visual Studio Express. Each template provides a solution to a common design scenario.


Download the MSI installation from your account, by accessing your product downloads, then clicking the “Browse all product files” link. You can choose either RadControls for Windows Phone 7 or RadControls for Windows Phone 8.


Next, download the MSI installation link to download the controls.


During the installation, you will notice that Visual Studio Express is listed as a detected IDE.



Create a new Windows Phone project, it can be of any type. Once the project is created, simply right-click on the project, and select Add -> New Item. The design templates are all located under the Windows Phone section of the installed templates.


Simply select the design template of your choice and the XAML will be generated for you.


All necessary project references will also be added for you automatically.



The addition of Telerik’s design templates to Visual Studio Express allows you to create phone applications at a rapid pace. Simply use the Add Item templates to generate the screens that your application requires and customize. You can also download the Design Templates app to browse the templates included. In addition, you can also access the source code to the Design Templates app in your account when you click the link to “Browse all product files” under the Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 products (See the first screenshot in this post to locate the link).



Download Telerik Control Panel

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