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Howdy geeks! No, it's not Christmas time, but we have a nice present wrapped up for you :)

For the ones out there like me who enjoy all sorts of gizmos – check it out: the cool new service offered from the telerik labs free of charge for everyone. I was wondering how to best describe the idea, but Todd seems to do a better job:

Code Converter is a free and simple VB to C# and C# to VB code converter. While there are several other good code converters available, none are perfect. Some are buried in busy websites. Some are awkward to use. Some just don't convert accurately! Code Converter, while not yet perfect, aims to address these issues and provide the best free .NET converter available on the web. Part of the mission of delivering the best code conversion service means that it needs to be available wherever and whenever you need it. For that reason, we will be building code conversion widgets for all of the major widget engines (such as Google Desktop, Windows Sidebar, and Yahoo! Widgets) so that you can easily convert your code snippet while minimizing the interruption to your work. The Yahoo! Widgets code conversion widget is already ready and available here:

The website also utilizes our r.a.d.ajax control and shines in the oh-so-lovely telerik bright green happy colors :) And yes, there will be no advertisements on this service - ever! So there, my developer friend, enjoy this gift because this is the least we can do for our most precious asset - our customers and don't forget to stop by our blogs more often so you don't miss on any other goodies to come. 
Happy coding!

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Vladimir Milev

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