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JustCode has come quite a long way over the past months, and it shows.  The product is maturing at a very rapid pace to increase the productivity of developers everywhere.  I would like to remind everyone why JustCode rocks :)


We have strived to make JustCode’s UI simple and clear by keeping dialog usage to a minimum, and working to make it flow with your standard development habits.  While it has all the features that developers have come to expect in productivity tools such as navigation, refactoring, generation, formatting, and quick fixes, it also provides many other features. Also, if you are already using other Telerik Tools/Controls, JustCode will further increase your productivity in these areas as it integrates with them very nicely.


Javascript Support

All of the features built into JustCode work with JavaScript, and this is a key feature missing in most of the other tools available today.  This includes the basic features (refactoring, navigation, etc), but also JustCode’s more advanced features such as templates, code highlighting, code analysis, and typing assistance.


Code Analysis

A key feature of JustCode is the on-the-fly solution wide analysis.  JustCode will notify you immediately when you make a change in your code that causes problems anywhere in your solution, and enables you to quickly jump to the problem area by pressing [Alt+Enter]  The analysis engine supports C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, XAML, and JavaScript. You can read more details on this blog entry.  Also, since the analysis engine runs in a separate process, it does not affect the performance of VS.



One of the many features coming soon to JustCode is a Unit Test runner, which will enable developers to quickly and effectively run and debug all tests in their solution.  Also, we just announced JustMock, and you can expect to see JustCode integrate here by making mocking with JustMock even more developer friendly.



JustCode was built using MEF, for the key purpose of making it quite extensible.  You will see blogs regarding how to get started creating plugins for JustCode soon! 



These are key features to take into account when choosing a tool.  The team behind JustCode is constantly listening to the community in order to evolve it into a truly indispensable developer tool. If you see we are missing a feature you can easily add it to our PITS system, and the community can vote on it.  Also, if you have issues you can jump on the forums, or submit a ticket through PITS.  Someone will help you through  *almost* right away. :)



While the product is still young, it is already packed with many great features including Telerik’s rapid release cycles, and unbeatable support.  There are many amazing features lined up for JustCode’s future, which will make developers even happier with it.  I know I am :D


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