Q2 2012 of Telerik OpenAccess ORM is about to be released soon and we are eager to share what we have achieved for the last few months. As we always strive to keep up with the latest technologies available, we will start by presenting the support for:

Visual Studio 11 Beta

OpenAccess is compatible with the beta version of the new Visual Studio since the end of March - an internal build from March 29th is available even now. However, Q2 will be the first official release with a full functional support.

MS SQL Server 2012 LocalDB

As the commercial editions of SQL Server 2012 are already tested with for Q1 SP1, the only thing left was to try everything out with the new file-based database. Take a look at the results in this post.

WCF Data Services 5.0

Generate oData v.3 services based on your context with just several clicks! How do we do that? With the final release of our Add OpenAccess Service wizard. It will now fully replace our old Data Services Wizard as it becomes obsolete. For more details, follow our blog as we are preparing a dedicated post about the enhancements in our services support.

Silverlight 5

Use our RIA wizard or the new Add OpenAccess Service wizard to expose your OpenAccess data context to a Silverlight 5 user interface

That was only a small part of what’s coming in Q2 2012. Stay tuned and read about the latest runtime enhancements, the first official release of our service generation wizard and more!

About the Author

Ivailo Ivanov

 is Team Lead in Telerik Data Access


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