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Part 1 – Overview

We’ve got a lot of positive feedback on our previous end to end example of building a WindowsPhone application with Telerik Windows Phone controls and we decided to create a new complete application with full source code available. This time we decided to cover a topic that is very consumer oriented, but at the same time there is very little info available on the internet. We will show you how to consume and display data from a Microsoft Exchange Server using the Exchange Web Services Managed API (EWS for short).

In the latest version of Windows Phone OS, called “Mango” developers can only get the list of appointments and contacts for the logged user. In the example we will show how to download and display Exchange Appointments information, but with this knowledge you will be able to download, add and edit all the information that is part of the EWS:

  • Mail messages
  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Tasks

Agenda View Windows Phone

The sample application includes other very important concepts which are part of the real world windows phone development like:


So much for the introduction, I hope that this topic will be interesting for you. Before you Download the full source code of the sample application and proceed to the first topic in the series – Connecting and using Exchange Web Services from Windows Phone, you need to install the following prerequisites components:
Microsoft EWS Managed API tools – used to access Exchange Server.
Microsoft Portable Libraries tools – used to create portable business models.

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