Telerik blogs

Hi there!

I am much excited to start my very own "telerik powered" weblog.  This will be my way to share technical and nontechnical information with whomever finds that exciting (and not damaging to his health of course).  The focus will fall mainly on my adventures in ASP.NET server components creation and maintenance from the perspective of my telerik position.  I will try to share both the good and the bad parts of the job, so that you gain a wider perspective.

I am an agile advocate, so you can expect a lot of agile, and mainly extreme programming (XP) related content here.  I believe this trend in software development brings back the fun, and emphasizes the human side of the process.  If you are looking for hefty requirements engineering, heaps of UML or thick specifications and bondage software development, please go somewhere else. I will be exploring evolutionary software design, code refactoring, automated testing, JIT planning and implementation here, and I promise that the ride will not be boring.

My programming language background is rooted in C++, but now I am doing mainly C# and JavaScript.  I support people that do VB.NET, so I get to have a bit of experience there.  I am very interested in dynamic languages, and scripting for the .NET platform.  Too bad IronPython turned out to be a .NET 2.0 only project.  I am an automation fanatic and try to eliminate every bit of manual effort in my development process, so I am bound to research the better tools to help me do that.  Watch out for some tips on that topic.


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