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3 Ways to Maximize Insights From Your Big Data

Your apps are producing more and more data these days, but the trick is to turn the data into actionable insights. In this post, the author makes the case that data scientists are now "sexy"—the demand for those who can make more effective use of data is huge.

Even the best data scientist will be hamstrung by slow, outdated or disconnected data. With the three ways described in this post, you can make better use of your data and learn how to use APIs to enrich it.

Join Progress Around the Country As We Make Government Agile

When you think "government," do you think "efficient" and "agile"? Probably not, but times are changing. By using software like a Business Rules Management System, you can boil down pages of paperwork and complex eligibility determinations into comprehensible logic.

The Progress Corticon team is traveling the country making the case that government can be more efficient. Take a look at where they've been lately and where they're going next on their quest—maybe you can meet up with the team and stop by for a chat.

Digital Business Defined

Digital Business is a buzzy term, but few seem to be able to define it clearly. Can you? Amid the everyday work required by a developer or IT professional, it's easy to miss the next big thing that's coming. Read our take on what's next.

Taking Advantage of Software as a Service in Your Business

Software as a Service is booming—but you probably already knew that. Still, it's one thing to be aware of the trend, and another to make the business case for it.

Taking advantage of SaaS is a fantastic way for an existing company to discover a new market they may not have been considering. For new organizations entering the scene, it's just about a requirement from consumers simply to get your foot in the door.

On March 29th, there's an upcoming webinar, An Untapped Market: Seize Your Opportunity, you can check out for more info. Read the full post to learn more.

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