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On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, guest Jeff Fritz a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, shares news from today's Microsoft Connect event in New York. Jeff discusses Visual Studio 2017 RC's new productivity, debugging and quick installation features. We chat about Visual Studio for Mac and SQL Server for Linux. Jeff shares what .NET 1.1 has to offer and what Tizen means for .NET developers.

Jeff Fritz @csharpfritz


Web Developer, Blogger, and Program Manager at Microsoft on #Asp.Net team. Gluten-Free geek and csharpfritz#1506 on http://Battle.Net

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Ed Charbeneau

Ed Charbeneau is a web enthusiast, speaker, writer, design admirer, and Developer Advocate for Telerik. He has designed and developed web based applications for business, manufacturing, systems integration as well as customer facing websites. Ed enjoys geeking out to cool new tech, brainstorming about future technology, and admiring great design. Ed's latest projects can be found on GitHub.


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