As you may probably know, since the middle of September last year, RadGrid for ASP.NET provides native and codeless support  for LinqDataSource. You can edit, update, delete and insert records without a single line of code. Furthermore, since the beginning of this year we added codeless hierarchy support - as a result RadGrid for ASP.NET has become the first ASP.NET DataGrid on the market with native LINQ support.

With the newly released RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX we moved our LINQ support to the next level and now the grid will perform all operations like sorting, filtering, paging, etc. using pure LINQ to Objects internally - no custom comparers, home grown data source controls or anything special. You can use ANY data source object or data source control without any limitations or problems.

Both grids are smart enough to NOT REQUEST ALL DATA by default if not needed and you can handle millions of records in few milliseconds.

What's next?

All you need is .NET 3.5 installed on the server, few clicks in design-time to configure RadGrid and LinqDataSource and you will get the fastest ASP.NET AJAX DataGrid on the market.

To see all these in action you can check our RadGrid online demo, demonstrating the NET 3.5 capabilities with 1mil. records here.


About the Author

Vladimir Enchev

is Director of Engineering, Native Mobile UI & Frameworks


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