With the next release of the AppBuilder CLI, we're deprecating support for Node.js 0.10 so we can keep delivering new features quickly. Learn more about the what's changing and how to accommodate the change.

What Is Changing

With the next release of the AppBuilder CLI, we are deprecating our support for Node.js 0.10. If you are using Node.js 0.10 and you run our tool, you will receive this message:

Warning for obsolete Node.js version

With the release after that (currently scheduled for late July/early August 2016), we will stop testing on Node.js and will start using Node.js APIs available only in Node.js 0.12 and up. You will need to upgrade your copy of Node.js to continue using our CLI.

Why Are We Changing

First, AppBuilder is developed by a very talented and dedicated team but we still have finite resources. Second, Node.js is developing with incredible speed and its current long term support version offers the right blend of features, speed, stability and compatibility. Last but not least, our data shows that very few people are still using Node.js 0.10, and we feel this is the right time to introduce the change without a big impact.

Stepping on a more recent base version of Node.js ensures we deliver our software faster, with more features and fewer issues due to outdated dependencies.

What You Need to Do

Most of you can simply install Node.js LTS at your convenience. You can check out our documentation if you need more details. That’s it, you are done.

Some of you need to use a specific version of Node.js and cannot just upgrade it. In this case, we recommend using a tool to manage different versions of Node.js. One such tool is nvmwhich we use ourselves and are happy with.

I encourage you to give us feedback. Please, share your opinions about the product with us on our feedback site.

About the Author

Todor Totev

discovered programming using the illegal clone of Apple II made in the socialist block 25 years ago. Since then he dabbled in every programming technology which can run in a personal computing device, small or not so small. He enjoys prototype based object oriented languages, playing with his German Shepard dog and mercilessly beating his friends on Magic the Gathering. Google Profile


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