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In the past, I described the Telerik journey as surfing the waves of opportunity and industry change. That statement was true five years ago when we were a small company. It still holds true today as we turn nearly a thousand-strong to face the next big wave.

In the last five years, many things have changed. We saw the rise of mobile, BYOD, cloud and the consumerization of IT. These powerful trends changed the industry and our digital lives in a very positive way. They also introduced a host of new challenges. Building great software across multiple screens became much more complex. The expectations of users increased. And the pace at which everything needed to happen accelerated.

As a company, we watched the industry evolve and wanted to ensure Telerik was evolving with it. We also wanted to ensure that we continue to be your trusted partner in addressing the challenges of the ever-evolving digital world. It took a lot of iterations and a lot of discovery to understand where you are struggling as developers, but it finally came together, and we are extremely excited about the result.

It's a privilege for me to be unveiling the result of our soul searching with a new brand, new website, new product and new ambitions.

Telerik: Develop Experiences
One of the most remarkable changes in the last few years is that a lot of our digital experiences left the confines of the workplace and invaded our daily lives. As a result, people demanded not just apps, but true experiences across all channels—web, mobile and desktop. We wanted to be the partner for developers when it comes to building those experiences and to help them avoid the "one-size-fits-all" approach. We set on a mission to build a solution that would allow development teams to have a flexible, adaptive strategy to address the challenge of reaching multiple screens.

Meet the Future: The Telerik Platform
The ultimate result of this quest was the birth of the Telerik Platform It's our vision of how modern applications should be built using any development approach: web, hybrid or native. It is the only end-to-end, yet modular platform combining rich UI tools with powerful cloud services to enable development teams to collaborate and envision, build, test, deploy and manage applications. It's the culmination of 12 years of experience helping developers deliver better software, faster.

Make sure that you check it out at and give us feedback. We've always developed our roadmap based on the needs of customers, and the Telerik Platform will be no exception.

Also, be sure to attend our upcoming Telerik Platform Online Keynote on February 12 at 11am ET US, where we'll be showcasing our new vision and providing a demo of the platform in action. You can register here:

What You Love Stays the Same
As we move forward, there's always the question of what we leave behind. We want each of you to know we hold true to our values, putting customers first and delivering more than expected every day. Our core values and commitments to develop and support existing products have not changed. We'll continue to serve our loyal customers and will remain the company you love. What we are unveiling today is our solution to help you stay successful in tomorrow's world.

Please explore the new unified Telerik brand, the new website and the Telerik Platform. We want to know what you like, what you don't and why, so we can continue to improve and further deliver on our commitment to support you in the best way possible.

Be sure to send your thoughts my way at:

Welcome to the new Telerik,

Vassil Terziev

About the Author

Vassil Terziev

As Chief Innovation Officer at Progress, Vassil Terziev is responsible for identifying growth strategies and new market opportunities, as well as promoting internal innovation.

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