Today we finally drew the lucky winner of the Trivia Game Show that was held at the telerik booth during the Expo hours at PDC 2005 in Los Angeles. The winner of the top prize - the  very desirable XBOX 360 - is Laijun Xie with Thomson Financial. We have pre-ordered the XBOX 360 on Amazon and the console should arrive via courier somewhere in December, perhaps just in time for Xmas:) Coming to think of it, I should also ask Santa for one. I am still playing Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo 1988 box but the XBOX 360 looks like a good replacement.

Overall, the Trivia game was great fun both for us and for customers and I am glad that we didn't skip it. Almost 200 developers participated in the Trivia Quiz, which comprised of 5 questions from a pool of 99 telerik-specific queries. It was very motivating for us to find out that quite a few of the contestants were already familiar with some of the recent developments at telerik and easily tackled product-related questions. The one question, however, that participants had difficulty answering, or guessing rather, was on the number of MCSDs that work at telerik - 9 (hey, we are a Gold Certified Partner and we had to earn some points to get there:). Everybody seemed to have fun and certainly learned something new and interesting about telerik. The best part is that nobody left empty-handed and took away a telerik branded mug, T-shirt or even a licensed copy to the full r.a.d.controls suite.

We'd like to thank everybody who stopped by and took the telerik Trivia Quiz at our booth and congratulate the PDC05 winner Laijun Xie. We all wish him many happy playing hours!

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Vassil Terziev

As Chief Innovation Officer at Progress, Vassil Terziev is responsible for identifying growth strategies and new market opportunities, as well as promoting internal innovation.


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