Application analytics is one of the most valuable sources of information to a development team because they help measure an application’s usage and runtime performance in a real-world setting. And yet, far too often, development teams choose not to instrument their applications to gather this information. It’s not because they don’t care; rather, it’s often because they lack the means to do so; they are missing the infrastructure that’s necessary to collect, manage, and analyze these analytics in a quick and efficient manner.

That's why EQATEC Application Analytics from Telerik is such a compelling offering. It provides a turnkey solution for development teams looking to take advantage of application analytics.

EQATEC Application Analytics helps you answer questions like:

  • What exceptions are being thrown by your application? When are these exceptions being thrown?
  • What system configurations do your users have?
  • Which application features are the most used? Which features are the least used?
  • Where are your application’s users located?

EQATEC Application Analytics is able to accomplish this task through the integration of a small monitor into the application code:

IAnalyticsMonitor monitor = AnalyticsMonitorFactory.CreateMonitor("YOUR-PRODUCT_KEY");
// Your application here
.NET monitor integration shown. EQATEC Application Analytics also works under iOS, Android, Windows Phone, WinRT, Windows, Mac, Java, and more.

From there, developers can track feature usage, feature timing, thrown exceptions, and much more. Once the monitor is successfully integrated into the application, the data that’s collected is sent to a cloud-based service and website that analyses this data and generates a set of rich, detailed reports. These reports can be manipulated through filters to provide deeper insights into an application’s usage.

Recently, the team has been extremely busy, building a new, state-of-the-art HTML5-based interface that’s based on Kendo UI, which will be released later this year. In addition, a new SDK is being prepared which will allow you to monitor Icenium applications. This monitor is due to be released next week.

I encourage you to talk to your customers about the power of application analytics and how it can enable you to gain valuable insights into your applications through EQATEC Application Analytics. The service is free to try forever - it will monitor one application with up to 100 installations/users per month for free.

EQATEC Application Analytics by Telerik

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