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Howdy! My name is Kevin Babcock and I’m the greenest Technical Evangelist on the Telerik team. I’m excited to have joined forces with the Telerik boys (and girls) and even more excited to talk to .NET developers about the great set of tools we provide.

But don’t think that’s all this blog is about. While I plan on providing some in-depth coverage of the Telerik tools and control suites, I also plan to dive deep into the heart of .NET and talk about some of the latest and greatest bits that Microsoft has released over the wire, the latest tips and tricks in .NET development, and some topics that are oldies, but goodies. And why should you consider my input something of value, you might ask? Simply put, because we are all eager to learn more and become better developers. I aim to make this blog a great resource for developers and enthusiasts, veteran and novice alike. What you can expect from me is a fresh perspective on .NET development, with regular posts full of original content.

Well, with the obligatory introductory post out of the way, let’s get on with the juicy content you probably came here to read in the first place.


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