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Around this time of the year you and your colleagues probably decide to bring the holidays spirit to the office by playing that popular game – you randomly assign a person to whom you anonymously give a gift.

Do you remember the last time you played that game, got that a justin-bieber-mistletoe pillow and said “oh, thank you sooo much!”, when you were actually wondering where to hide it when you get back home? You don’t want to play this game anymore. And you don’t want to build a collection of dusty holiday gifts on your shelves. Let’s play a different game this year. We will bring to you not one, but a whole sack of gifts. And they won’t stay useless and dusty on your shelves. This year you will actually be thankful for what you get.

Let’s play Secret Agilista.

Here is our sack of agile gifts. If you like them, you can also have a gift for us – share your favorite agile resources for 2012 in the comments below.

agile presents

Gift #1

Are you the agilista equivalent of Sherlock Holmes? Then, that’s the gift that is for you!

The Top 30 Agile Myths – BUSTED!

In the 11 years since the Agile Manifesto was created, the adoption of agile concepts has continued to grow. The number of agile user groups, conferences, and books is a strong indication that more and more people are at least exploring the idea, if not working to improve their adoption and execution. This growth has been so significant that Gartner has declared that “agile is now mainstream”.

Along with this growth in adoption and exploration of agile, the number of myths surrounding agile has grown as well. This eBook demystifies the most common myths and divides them in several chapters – Project Management / Process Myths, Agile Software Engineering Myths, and Agile Startup Myths.

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Gift #2

Honestly, this gift is for your boss, although he will never know it..

How to Sell Agile to Your Executives

While you might be fully convinced about the benefits of Agile, you can still find it hard to convince your managers about making a process change. Executives are inherently risk averse, they like clarity and predictability, and they might see Agile as a risk rather than a solution.

The whitepaper will give you tips and build a strategy to successfully persuade your management to give Agile a try.

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Gift #3

For you and for your whole team.

7 Must-have Features When Choosing the Right Agile Management Tool

The landscape of processes related to software development is quite vast – from ideation, requirements management, planning, tracking, engineering, testing, and validation to deployment, maintenance, and help desk/customer support. There is an overabundance of tools on the market today. This whitepaper suggests 7 of the most important characteristics that organizations should consider when investing in tooling that supports their Agile management practices and teams.

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Gift #4

The gift for the creative ones.

The Project Management Bedazzler

Sometimes agile doesn’t feel enough and we want to do some little tiny tweaks to it. To have a Bedazzler, so to say, and create our own patchwork of principles, build our own craftwork. It is extremely hard to find a tool that adopts to you, your process and needs, instead of you adopting to the tool.

It’s your lucky day! Our agile project management tool TeamPulse allows you to create a custom workflow that fits your process. In addition to that, you can capture customer feedback on its portal that comes as a TeamPulse extension. You can style the feedback portal so it matches the look and feel of your brand.

Gift #5

For those who want to know it all about Agile.

Agile Blog Posts by Our Secret Agilistas

I have prepared a great selection of reads for you to enjoy during the seasonal holidays this year.

What to Do When Team Members Go Dark? The Problem with “Fine”

At a Single Glance - Interpreting and Acting Upon Agile Project Metrics

Scope, Schedule, and Resources – You Can’t Have Them All

5 Agile Project Management Techniques You Can Start Using Today

Know Thy Customer

Agile Is for Your WHOLE Business

I hope you enjoyed our gift sack. It’s your turn now - share your agile gift with us in the comments section.

In conclusion, here are our Seasonal Greetings for you:
May this season and New Year bring your team agile maturity, smooth collaboration, and more story points per iteration throughout the whole 2013!

The Secret Agilista


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