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How do you know if you should be looking for a new job? Here are seven signs to watch for.

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The ongoing economic crisis is of our own making. Macroeconomic issues such as rising inflation, exchange rate fluctuation, depleting reserves, ever-increasing unemployment, uncontrolled inequality and rampant food insecurity are being faced by many countries. While the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War may have escalated the ongoing climate, we have received repeated warnings from economists over the years regarding the stability of current economic practices.

Rising unemployment is among the most concerning problems we are facing and, hence, it is quite ironic that today we will be discussing the most pressing signs it is the right time to quit your job.

Why NOW Is the Best Time To Quit Your Job

Many professionals are reevaluating their careers in the aftermath of the pandemic. This, coupled with unpredictable layoffs (cue Alibaba, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter, etc.), has resulted in several incredible talents finding themselves in the open market for a job.

Organizations in relatively better stead than companies that are actively laying off employees are latching onto this opportunity and hiring these talents. Surprise surprise, this is a golden opportunity for you too! LinkedIn is the place to be if you have been laid off or are considering quitting your job.

Before we dive right into it, below is an example of the support extended by fellow professionals on platforms like LinkedIn. If you have not quite made up your mind yet and/or are terrified of quitting your job (understandably so), read on.

LinkedIn message from RISHABH BHARDWAJ: Twitter, BYJU's or any other company's employees: If you're impacted by the layoffs and looking for a job, please feel free to DM me here on LinkedIn. I know about the openings in various domains/companies. I will try and utilize my network and extend help in the best possible way. Kindly drop your requirements in the comment section. Hammad Imam

7 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Here are seven common signs it is the right time to quit your job:

  • You no longer feel challenged.
  • Your work environment has become toxic.
  • The company is not moving in the right direction.
  • You no longer enjoy what you are doing.
  • Undercompensation has led you to resentment.
  • You do not have a work-life balance.
  • A better opportunity presents itself.

You No Longer Feel Challenged

If you no longer feel challenged at work, it is probably best to move on. The last thing you need is career stagnation. There may come a point in time when you have learned everything there is to know in a particular role. It is at this point that going to work feels like a drag. Upskill and learn all you need to know to obtain a promotion, and if a promotion is not handed in a reasonable time frame, start searching for a job elsewhere.

Jumping outside of your comfort zone is hard and at time terrifying but if you can make it past the discomfort you'll often be rewarded with growth on the other side. Jobs will come and go but the connections you make can last a lifetime. Your skills, knowledge, and talent persist regardless of your employment status.
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Your Work Environment Has Become Toxic

If you do not feel happy at work owing to a toxic environment, it is likely the toxicity will seep into your personal life as well. Even if you manage to create a boundary between your personal and professional lives, your mental health is quite likely to be affected.

You are working for a living, to make your family proud, bring food to your table and make a difference. Not to be shouted at by your boss or bullied by colleagues, among other possibilities. Your happiness always comes first and working in a toxic environment is NOT an option. Move on.

Jenn Lim message: According to a recent report, 65% of women report that they have experienced microaggressions (not given credit, having their judgment questioned, being interrupted, etc.) in the workplace. I shared what employers can do to create a safe space for employees to speak up with Inc. Magazine.
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The Company Is Not Moving in the Right Direction

You may have joined a company that is currently in a good space or experiencing trying times. Either way, after having spent considerable time gauging the working of the organization, if you feel it is not functioning effectively, or the hierarchy is incompetent, the company is unlikely to achieve its overarching goals and/or succeed in the long run.

It is at this point that you should consider your options, as the organization’s future standing could affect your credibility.

You No Longer Enjoy What You Are Doing

If you wake up every morning resenting the prospect of heading to work, boy do you need a change of environment! Take a holiday and spend time with family and/or friends. If when you return the feeling remains the same or grows even larger (well, you just came back from a refreshing holiday!), it is time to quit your job.

If you no longer enjoy what you are doing, you have likely learned everything there is to know there or are not happy with the environment at work. Move on and find a better job elsewhere.

Undercompensation Has Led You to Resentment

Loyalty is overrated. If you have been following the news, thousands of professionals at Twitter were laid off overnight, one of whom worked at the organization for over 10 years! Brutal. You should know your worth and make a move after having acquired all possible knowledge in a particular role at a company.

Note, you may end up being comparatively underpaid even if you stick around and get promoted—according to research, the average salary increase when changing jobs is nearly 15%. Here is a fantastic example of how your career could stall if you do not make a move at the right time:

Cinneah El-Amin message: Here's how much my base salary has grown in my 9-5 career: 2017 - $48k. 2018 - $72k. 2019 - $89k. 2020 - $132k (job hopped). 2021 - $150k+. 2022 - $202k (job hopped). If I stayed at my first job, I'd be underpaid. We have to get comfortable with job hopping to significantly increase our earning potential. Loyalty is often undervalued. Here's some monday motivation for you: Look around at the other companies in your industry hiring now. How many of those open jobs could you pivot into? Start your pivot here.
Source: Cinneah El-Amin (

You Do Not Have a Work-Life Balance

If you are working overtime and not being compensated accordingly or even if you are being compensated for the extra hours put in, maintaining a work-life balance is vital. Yes, working for 50-60 hours a week may not feel like much in the beginning. But over time, fatigue will kick in and you may find yourself behaving in an unaccustomed manner around loved ones. Cranky, sour, unloving, always tired.

Your work WILL take a toll on you. Talk to your boss about the burden you are facing and try to find a solution. If a solution cannot be found, you are better off quitting your job.

A Better Opportunity Presents Itself

If you find a better opportunity, go for it. As mentioned before, loyalty is undervalued. You are likely to learn and earn more in a new role elsewhere, and when the time is right to move on, once again, make the move. Do not be afraid to experience the change, but, remember, if all is well in your current role, try to learn all you can before jumping on the bandwagon.

Concluding Note

While the prospect of quitting your job is a daunting one, you must know your self-worth. It is always advisable to have a job in hand before you quit, but that should not hold you back if you are facing any of the above signs. Platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork and Monster are among the best in the business when it comes to finding a job.

I would recommend building a profile on LinkedIn and establishing connections with stalwarts in your respective field. Prepare a concise resume and remember recording and linking a video of yourself (make sure to smile!) works like a charm. Lastly, do not be disheartened if you do not land a new opportunity immediately—good things take time.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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