Introducing a new scrum project management software to the team is usually hard. It takes a lot of time for people to get used to it. A few teams can afford to wait for that. That means you won’t have to ask them to change their habits, and thus you could avoid any resistance to the tool’s adoption and any extra risk for the success of your projects.

Telerik TeamPulse allows you to customize it the way you need data to be collected, presented and used. That’s why it provides you with the abilities to create custom fields, custom board & list views, as well as custom statuses, transitions and validation rules.

Custom Fields

You can create a field specific per work item or for all your work item types. It can be also set per project or for all of your projects.

Types of Custom Fields

There are countless scenarios when custom fields can be exceptionally useful for keeping your work items organized and help you manage your projects more efficiently. To support all those scenarios, with TeamPulse you can create different kinds of custom field types:

  • ● a simple text,
  • ● a multi-line text,
  • ● a drop-down list,
  • ● a number,
  • ● a checkbox,
  • ● and a date.

custom fields

Let’s take a look at a few examples where various types are used.

Work Item Due Date using the Date Custom Field

Many teams work with due dates and it’s crucial for them to also include the deadline among the item’s properties. With TeamPulse you can create a custom field of type “date” that is valid for all work items. Thus, you define the date from the calendar. Once created, you can also filter and sort by the due date in any list or board view.

Release Management using Drop-Down List Custom Field

Some teams don’t use iterations, but only releases. If your team is one of them, then you can create a drop-down custom field to assign the release work items are scheduled for.

Affected & Fix Versions as Custom Fields

If your team keeps track of when a bug was found and when it was fixed, you might consider creating custom fields for Affected Version and Fixed Version.

Map custom TeamPulse fields with existing TFS fields

Many TFS teams we know have been visualizing their work with TeamPulse thanks to the integration between the two. From now on they will be able to not only map existing matching fields, but also create new fields in TeamPulse to sync all the available properties of their TFS items.

Custom Board & List Views

TeamPulse goes beyond custom fields in its customization abilities. It also allows you to customize your UI to create an environment that best matches your individual or team needs. You can create a custom board or list view by choosing which filters to apply on it and what statuses are interested to see. Then, you can save the view as a personal one or share it with your team.

Here are a few examples of custom views. You can create a Release view where you can see all of your items for a specific release. Or you can create an Epic board with the Board by displaying the items by their parent item.

epic board

You can also create a custom flow for triaging for bugs, feedback, etc.

untriaged bugs


Adoption of Best Practices through Customization

All the customization abilities of TeamPulse allow you to introduce new best practices and processes to the team. And as the team matures, you can go back to customize the tool to match your needs at the specific moment.


Custom Statuses, Transitions, and Validation Rules

Thanks to the ability introduced in our previous release, you can also customize statuses, transitions, as well as customize validation rules, and thus customize types.



What’s coming next?

In the future we are going to provide even more customization abilities in TeamPulse. Custom types, customization of which item properties to be visible in the item, as well as customization of which item properties to be visible on the cards have been requested a lot by our customers and we are to implement them by the end of the year. Please vote for the ones you need or submit a new feature request on our feedback portal.

Let us know about your customization needs in the comments field below.

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Yordan Dimitrov is a Director of Software Engineering at Telerik
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Yordan Dimitrov

Yordan is a Director of Software Engineering at Telerik. 


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