For the TeamPulse team, 2012 means “new frontiers”

2011 was a stellar year where we focused on delivering around our core product to help teams represent and manage requirements and plan and manage work. The later part of the year we really switched gears and started adding value on top of this core set of functionality by adding the Feedback Portal.

Here is a summary of what we are planning on doing for 2012 based completely on customer demand:

Deliver Every 2 Months

Our customers have been asking for a LOT of features – and we don’t want them to wait. For this reason, we’re going to kick up our release schedule to deliver valuable new features every 2 months starting at the end of January 2012.

Cross Project Views

One of the most asked for features of TeamPulse is the ability to view multiple projects from a single user experience. We’re set to release the first version of this feature in January of 2012.


You can see some of the features here.

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Time Tracking

Customers have been asking us to provide a way for their teams to record time. We’re planning on providing a comprehensive yet extremely clean and simple way to address this problem. Here are a few features you should expect to see:
  • Ability to track time against tasks, stories, bugs
  • Ability to enter time against an iteration or release or project
  • Track non-working time
  • Report and export time tracking data

And here is an early preview of the interface:



Scheduling and Capacity Management

Time tracking leads naturally to overall team planning and capacity management. Scheduling and Capacity management help teams understand how team members are distributed across projects. Here are some features we’re working to provide:
  • View and manage resource assignments and calendars
  • Set capacity limits for resources
  • Track resource utilization
  • Manage resource costs
  • Resource and Capacity Reporting

Greater HTML5 Footprint

As you have already seen from the Feedback Portal, we’re starting to invest more in HTML5. Start looking for some of our new features and modules to be based on HTML5 built with our world class Kendo HTML5 controls (

Continuous Updates to our Existing Products

While we build new features we’re going to continue to add value to our existing products and features. We will continue to release value in the form of feature updates and bug fixes to all our current products such as TeamPulse and the Feedback portal with every release. Expect updates to:
  • Bug tracking
  • Backlog Management
  • Reporting and data visualization
  • Feedback portal
  • Team Boards
Of course, there are a few more “surprises” that will be announced as the year progresses.

DISCLAIMER: We operate in a dynamic environment and things are subject to change - we may decide to add new features at anytime depending on our capability to deliver products with "Telerik" quality.The Roadmap only intends to give you some additional information as to what you can expect in future releases.



Is there a functionality you would like to see in a specific feature?

Let us know in the comments below.

Reserve your seat for R1 2012 Release Webinar

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