Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Using the server-side API, you can programmatically add, remove, disable, or select items in RadComboBox.

Adding items

Use the Add method of the RadComboBoxItemCollection object to add items programmatically:

Removing items

Use the Remove method of the RadComboBoxItemCollection object to remove items:

Disabling items

Use the Enable property of the RadComboBoxItem object to enable or disable an item:

Selecting Items

Use the Selected property of an item to select it, or use the SelectedIndex property of RadComboBox:

Finding Items

You can locate by searching on the Text or Value properties. You can retrieve either the index of the item or a reference to the item itself. Use the RadComboBox methods:

  • FindItemByText

  • FindItemByValue

  • FindItemIndexByText

  • FindItemIndexByValue

For a live example, see: Add/Remove/Disable Items

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