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  • The Telerik Words Processing for Xamarin allows for Word-like document manipulations in .NET applications and enables end-users to create, modify and export documents to various formats.
  • Part of Telerik UI for Xamarin together with other best-in-class native components for any app and device.
  • Comes with free document processing library, multiple demos, rich documentation, and instructor-led training.
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  • Overview

    RadWordsProcessing for Xamarin is a powerful .NET Standard library, which enables creation and modification of flow documents such as DOCX, RTF, HTML and plain text, as well as export to PDF. It has never been easier to generate a document or a PDF in your web, mobile or desktop app or on a server.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing
  • Rich Document Model

    The document model of RadWordsProcessing for Xamarin features all the necessary document elements and features, allowing you to build both simple and sophisticated documents. Some of the capabilities included are:

    • Characters
    • Sections
    • Paragraphs
    • Tables
    • Lists
    • Section formatting
    • Inlines – runs, images, fields, breaks, bookmarks, hyperlinks, tab stops
    • Styles, and many more
    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Rich Document Model
  • Great Performance

    WordsProcessing for Xamarin is optimized to offer unmatched performance with virtually no limitations on the amount of data processed. You can quickly generate files with large amounts of data without hindering performance or consuming too much memory.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordProcessing - Great Performance
  • Converting Documents

    Not only does RadWordsProcessing for Xamarin allow smooth export, import, creation and modification of different file formats, but it also allows you to easily convert files from one format to another. Take a DOCX and convert it to PDF or grab an RTF or HTML and convert it to PDF or DOCX.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Coverting Documents
  • Headers and Footers

    The document model in WordsProcessing for Xamarin features support for inserting headers and footers in the generated documents. Full customization of the content in the headers and footers is possible, as well as adding watermarks and defining whether to position headers and footers on all pages or if different entries will be used for even and odd pages.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Header and Footer
  • Tables

    The most common element used when creating documents are tables – arranging the content in a grid-based fashion. Hence tables and full control over the table properties such as Rows, Columns, Styles, Borders and Alignment, Shading, Spacings, Paddings, Indentation, Direction, Conditional Formatting, Layout Type, Overlaps and more are supported by WordsProcessing for Xamarin.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Tables
  • Inline and Floating Images

    Both inline and floating images of the most popular imaging formats can be used with WordsProcessing for Xamarin as well as support for working with the respective image properties such as Source, Size, Flip, Rotation, AspectRatio and more.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Floating images
  • Bookmarks and hyperlinks are integral part of documents, aiding the users in their document navigation or pointing to a specific location in the document or to a webpage. WordsProcessing for Xamarin readily supports this capability.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • Watermarks

    This WordsProcessing feature for Xamarin lets you add text or images behind the document content with the watermarks functionality to identify the document status or mark it as confidential.
    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Watermark
  • Find And Replace

    WordsProcessing for Xamarin features a convenient API for searching and replacing certain content or styles and allows you to easily amend the document content.
    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Find and Replace
  • Document Themes

    Document themes in WordsProcessing for Xamarin allows specifying colors, fonts and a variety of graphic effects in a document and affect the look and feel of the entire document.

  • Mail Merge

    With RadWordsProcessing for Xamarin, you can create personalized documents with a fixed content template with the mail merge functionality. Use the merge fields in combination with a data source of your choice for the content that has to be replaced through the merge process.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Mail Merge
  • Clone and Merge Documents

    With RadWordsProcessing for Xamarin you can clone a document or merge any number of documents by specifying which styles should be used during the merge process. What’s more, you can also merge only specific document elements from a source doc into a target one.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Clone and Merge Documents
  • Styles

    Flow documents feature styles which contain sets of character, paragraph or table style definitions and provide rich editing capabilities for achieving a consistent look over the content in the document with this RadWordsProcessing feature for Xamarin.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Styles
  • Bulleted and Numbering Lists

    Easily create a variety of lists with the needed hierarchical depth with the APIs of RadWordsProcessing for Xamarin.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Buleted and Numbering Lists
  • Comments

    Add comments to a specific location in the document to identify an action item that has to be taken with WordsProcessing for Xamarin.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Comments
  • Permission Ranges

    Should you need to define permissions for certain parts of the document, the permission ranges feature of WordsProcessing for Xamarin is here to help. You can use it to mark certain portions of the document as read only, or to disallow comments, and you can define what different permissions apply to different roles – such as administrators, contributors, editors, owners, etc.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing - Permission Ranges

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