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Xamarin.Forms TimePicker

  • Best in class Xamarin TimePicker supporting spinner format, time range, templates, flexible styling API, commands support and more.
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Telerik UI for Xamarin Time Span Picker Component
  • Automated Spinner Population

    The TimePicker for Xamarin is equipped with a string format feature which allows you to set a standard or custom date format string for the spinners. Depending on the format defined, the TimePicker prepopulates the spinners with the needed spinners 

    Telerik UI for Xamarin - DatePicker String format
  • Templates

    If the default templates of the Telerik TimePicker for Xamarin don’t fit the needs of your Xamarin.Forms application, you can easily define custom ones. The DatePicker control provides custom templates for the header, footer, placeholder and more.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin TimePicker Templates
  • Overview

    The TimePicker control for Xamarin enables you to implement a stylish and user-friendly way for users to select a time. The time values are visualized inside a dialog that is open to various tweaks and customizations designed to ensure consistency across the user-experience of the Xamarin.Forms application. 

    Telerik UI for Xamarin TimePicker Overview
  • DisplayString Format

    The display text formatting property of the TimePicker allows you to choose what text to be displayed when time has been picked.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin Telerik UI for Xamarin String format
  • Time range

    The Telerik TimePicker control for Xamarin.Forms gives you the ability to define a date range so user can pick a time in between.

    Telerik UI for Xamarin - TimePicker time range
  • Flexible Styling API

    Looking to style your TimePicker to ensure styling consistency across your application? Xamarin’s TimePicker offers a range of styling capabilities for spinners, pop-ups, headers, footers, the text displayed when a date/time is picked and many more.  

    Telerik UI for Xamarin - TimePicker Flexible Styling API
  • Commands Support

    Telerik’s TimePicker for Xamarin provides command support for opening and closing the dialog (Toggle Command) and clearing the displayed date (Clear Command).  

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