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Source code and coding-walkthrough for a
full-featured Xamarin app. It's all yours and it's free.

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What is Telerik Tagit?

Introducing Telerik Tagit—a cross-platform native mobile app designed to turn the photo collection on your phone into a database that you can search and sort by the content contained in the individual images.

Telerik Tagit uses Progress® Telerik® UI for Xamarin controls for the front end, offering a stunning, high-performant UI, and Microsoft Azure's Computer Vision API (part of the Cognitive Services suite) on the back end to caption images and tag them with search keywords. The app is available for Android, iOS and UWP.

Telerik Tagit isn’t a “toy” app created just to demo our controls. It’s a fully-featured app that does something useful. And, to be honest, it does let you experience the awesomeness of our controls.

The app is yours. The source code is yours. Use it as a starting point for creating your own cross-platform app. For the app to work, you either need to download the trial of Telerik UI for Xamarin or you need to have a full license.

Please note, in order to use the Telerik Tagit source code you will need a full or trial license of Telerik UI for Xamarin.

Here’s How to Use It

What good is an app and the source code without a little instruction?
Check out the six-part article series that walks you through the app creation.

Part 1
App Overview
Part 2
Layout and Navigation

Featuring the SideDrawer and SlideView controls.

Part 3
Image Uploading and Tagging

Featuring the ListView and BusyIndicator controls and the Computer Vision API.

Part 4
Enhancing the UI and Rating

Featuring the AutoComplete and Ratings controls.

Part 5
Sorting & Selecting Images by Date

Featuring the Calendar and TabView controls.

Part 6
Finishing Touches

Featuring the Gauge and Chart controls.