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  • Overview

    Telerik’s SpreadProcessing library is also part of the Telerik UI for Xamarin components suite. The RadSpreadProcessing is a document processing library that enables your mobile applications to easily import, modify and export files to and from the most common spreadsheet file formats including: 

    • Excel Microsoft Office Open XML Spreadsheet (.XLSX)
    • Comma separated values (.CSV)
    • Tab separated values (.TXT)
    • Portable document format (.PDF) (export only)
  • Convert between different formats

    The RadSpreadProcessing for Xamarin enables end users to create, modify, import and export spreadsheet files, as well as convert those files between different formats (e.g. XLSX, XLS, CSV). 

  • 100+ built-in formulas

    The control comes with 100+ built-in formulas that cover a wide range of categories like financial, statistical and engineering formulas.  

  • Number formats

    When it comes to displaying numbers, we’ve ensured users will benefit from maximum flexibility—every format, from date and currency to percentages and text, is supported. The control provides the capability to manipulate, create and represent data in the format needed.  

  • Performance 

    The SpreadProcessing control for Xamarin is built to handle large amounts of data, while maintaining high performance and robust stability.  

  • No dependencies

    Users don’t need to have external libraries or UI to process a Microsoft Excel document on their device—RadSpreadProcessing operates independently from external libraries installed on the client or server.  

  • Intuitive API

    The intuitive API is designed to enable ease of use and allows to easily generate documents from scratch. 


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