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Xamarin.Forms SignaturePad

  • Best in class Xamarin SignaturePad control featuring flexible customizations, various saving options, commands support and more.
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Xamarin SignaturePad
  • Overview

    The Xamarin.Forms Signature Pad control lets you capture and save a signature in a Xamarin.Forms or UWP application. This powerful control displays the signature path, making your application's end-user feel a natural pen effect. The Telerik SignaturePad control comes with several powerful features, including powerful customization capabilities, the ability to save a signature as an image file, and much more.

    Getting Started with Telerik UI for Xamarin SignaturePad.
  • Support for Commands

    Easily clear the signature from the surface using the exposed command.

  • Flexible Configurations

    The Telerik SignaturePad for Xamarin provides means for customizing the appearance of the plot area as well as the signature itself. The control enables you to easily modify various aspects of the signature, including:

    • The color of the stroke;
    • The stroke thickness;  
    • The color of the border around the plot area;
    • The width of the border around the plot area;
    • Ability to apply a corner radius of the border around the plot area;
    • Define the background of the plot area. 

    Documentation on Configurations of the Telerik UI for Xamarin SignaturePad.
  • Saving a Signature as an Image

    With the Xamarin SignaturePad control you can easily save the signature as an image in PNG or JPEG formats. Additionally, the saving API equips you with other capabilities such as setting the image quality and scale factor and options to change the stroke color and thickness when saving it as an image.

    Documentation on Saving Options for Telerik UI for Xamarin SignaturePad control.
  • Events

    Several events are raised based on the user's actions. For example, an event is raised every time a new stroke is started, completed, or the surface is cleared.

    For a full list of Events for the Telerik UI for Xamarin SignaturePad, check our product documentation.

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