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Xamarin.Forms RichTextEditor

  • Best in class Xamarin RichTextEditor control featuring an ability to visualize HTML content, flexible customizations & styling API, commands support and more.
  • Part of Telerik UI for Xamarin together with other best-in-class native components for any app and device.
  • Comes with free document processing library, multiple demos, rich documentation, and instructor-led training.
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  • Visualize HTML Content

     The Telerik UI for Xamarin RichTextEditor control can display HTML content that includes paragraphs, formatted text, images, tables, ordered and bulleted lists and more.

  • Various HTML Source Options

    The RichTextEditor control gives you the ability to easily load the HTML source from either a string or a stream.

  • Overview

    Telerik RichTextEditor for Xamarin enables users to create rich textual content through a set of tools for creating, editing and formatting of text, paragraphs, lists, hyperlinks and more.

  • RichTextEditor Toolbar

    The control is equipped with a predefined UI that is automatically wired with all the commands provided by the control’s built-in functionality.

    RichTextEditor Toolbar
  • Rich Text Editing Features

    The Xamarin.Forms RichTextEditor  control comes with a multitude of editing capabilities, including:

    • Text formatting, such as bold, italic, underline and strikethrough
    • Font manipulations, such as size, family, text color and text background color
    • Bulleted and numbered lists
    • Text selection
    • Hyperlinks manipulations—create, edit and remove hyperlinks
    • Subscript and superscript formatting
    • Indentation and content alignment
    • Undo/Redo editing actions
  • Styling API

    You can easily modify the visual appearance of the RichTextEditor control, like customizing its background color, border color and thickness, through the respective styling properties.

    RichTextEditor - Styling API
  • Commands Support

    The Xamarin.Forms RichTextEditor exposes commands, such as ToggleBoldCommand, ToggleBulletingCommand, AlignRightCommand and more that enable you to quickly and easily execute rich-text editing actions.

  • Localization

    The control features convenient localization mechanism, which allows translating it to any other language, so your app can be served world-wide.

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