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Telerik UI for Xamarin ProgressBar Component
  • Overview

    With the Xamarin ProgressBar control, you can easily display any form of progress in your Xamarin application. Make your app more user friendly by keeping users informed about the level of completion of a lengthy process, such as data loading or a multi-step user action, in which you can visualize how much has been completed and what remains (to name just a couple of scenarios). This customizable control comes with support for an indeterminate mode, segments, different value display modes and more.

    See the Xamarin ProgressBar docs

    Telerik UI for Xamarin ProgressBar Component
  • Indeterminate Mode

    Typically, there are two scenarios when it comes to the progress of an operation—you either know exactly what size/how much time/how many steps are left, or you don’t. In the first scenario, you’d use your Xamarin ProgressBar in Determinate mode, and in the second, you can go with the handy Indeterminate mode feature and display a progress bar that doesn’t specify the exact progress, but still indicates an operation is underway.

    See the Xamarin ProgressBar indeterminate mode docs

  • Segments, Value Modes and Value Range

    The Telerik UI for Xamarin ProgressBar is very flexible, while still easy to configure. You can set anything from display value modes (number, percentage, text, hidden) and value range to whether the progress bar is segmented or one continuous bar with the help of a few properties.

    See the Xamarin ProgressBar configuration docs

  • Animations

    You can add a little sleekness to your Xamarin ProgressBar by using the built-in animations functionality. For example, you can choose to animate changes in value (progress change) or show a looping animation when using Indeterminate mode. To customize the user experience further, you can set custom values for animation duration and easing.

    See the Xamarin ProgressBar animation docs

  • Styling

    To make sure your control matches the look of your app, you can customize all elements of the Telerik UI for Xamarin ProgressBar—from the fill of the track and indicator to text color, font size and even the thickness of the segment separators.

    See the Xamarin ProgressBar styling docs

    Telerik UI for Xamarin ProgressBar Customization

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