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  • Map Labels

    Labels can be used to define different shapes to provide insights or descriptions.

  • Multiple Styling Options

    The map control offers a variety of styling options out-of-the-box. The control features a flexible styling API to control the shape and label styles.

  • Overview

    The Map control in Telerik UI for Xamarin enables you to visualize shapes from ESRI shape files consisting of lines, polylines and polygons, such as floor plans, concert halls, airplane seat distribution and even maps.

  • Convenient and Intuitive Interactivity

    This control features various options for users to interact with the map such as move, zoom & pan.

  • Single and Multiple Selection

    Single or multiple elements/shapes of the map can be selected and highlighted to stand out from the rest.

  • Layers Support

    In cases where a certain shape has multiple variations representing different information or data, layers support provides the functionality to easily switch between the different views. Each layer comes with its own source, so multiple sources can be displayed at once.

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