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Xamarin.Forms Conversational UI

  • Best in class Xamarin Conversational UI featuring a wide collection of chat items, customizable messages, MVVM support, integration with all major conversational UI APIs such as Microsoft Bot, Google API.AI, Amazon LEX, and more. 
  • Part of Telerik UI for Xamarin together with other best-in-class native components for any mobile device.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, learning resources and more!
Telerik UI for Xamarin Conversational UI
  • Overview

    The Conversational UI component or Chat control for Telerik UI for Xamarin allows you to create modern chat experiences in your Xamarin mobile apps, regardless of the chatbot framework you choose, or to accommodate a peer-to-peer chat scenario. With variety of customizable message types such as cards, pickers, suggestions you can replace cumbersome forms with intuitive conversational UI with the look and feel of your app.

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  • Variety of Chat Items for Great User Experience

    With the variety of chat items available with the control, you will be able to style the UI of your chatbot to fit the needs of your business, while also having a consistent and modern UI across the app.

    Besides the basic text messages, support is provided for variety of pickers, such as list view, calendar, date and time pickers, which can be utilized both inline as inline message or as overlay. In addition, means to utilize suggested actions and variety of cards in the control are in place.

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  • Chatbot Framework Agnostic

    The Conversational UI control is is written in a framework agnostic way so it can be tied to all major chatbot frameworks including Microsoft Bot Framework, Facebook's, Google's DialogFlow, Amazon Lex and more.

  • Natural Conversation Flow

    You can design and style your chatbot and provide a visually appealing experience to your application's end users, which enables and enhances the natural conversational flow between the chatbot and your users.

  • Highly Customizable

    The Conversational UI control includes various message and card content customizations making it easier for you to achieve the right user experience for your end users. The messages and cards can be modified to contain texts, images or other elements and also include information such as message timestampand the sender/recipient names and avatars.

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  • Theme Support

    The control also supports theming and can be styled to fit the rest of your application's design.

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